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Axxana’s Phoenix provides a Zero Data Loss (ZDL) disaster recovery solution for Oracle, protecting your “last mile” replication data, that will be lost when disaster strikes. Axxana’s solution augments and transforms Data Guard and Storage replication and achieves database Zero Transaction Loss (ZTL), down to the latest committed transaction. The Phoenix system spans over unlimited distances and without the need for costly communication lines between Primary and DR data centers. The Phoenix System accomplishes full database consistency at the remote site across all databases and applications, enabling the shortest possible business down-time. Axxana brings long distance and lowest cost ZDL/ZTL to Exadata, ODA and host based Oracle systems, including 11g and 12c Far sync. 
Axxana is a Gold partner of Oracle and is listed under Oracle Partner Network

Question & Answer

Have participated to finance events in the past?

 Although participating to OOW for five consecutive years and local events and OUGs including Oracle Digital Day and TROUG events in Turkey, this will be the first event specific for finance sector Axxana participating.

Feedbacks about Oracle events

So far very good events.

What you think for relation between Finance & IT sector?


Whats your expectations from this event?

Bring awarness of the Axxana solution into the financial sctor. Would like more Banks and such to hear and adapat the technology.

which topics will you mention in your presentation ?

OData Loss, Disaster Recovery., Zero Transactions Loss, Critical application, Data loss cost, Communication lines, Saving cost, Zero data loss over any distance, Data guard, Oracle, Far sync, 11g, 12c, Replication, Asynchronous, Synchronous, Exadata.

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Etkinlik ne zaman ve nerede gerçekleşecek?

Oracle Bankacılık Günü 22 Mart Çarşamba Swissotel The Bosphorus İstanbul Hotel’de gerçekleşecektir.

Etkinliğe kimler katılabilir?

Bankacılık sektöründe faaliyet gösteren firmaların iş birimleri, satış ve pazarlama birim yöneticileri, dijital dönüşüm ekipleri, bilgi teknolojileri birim yöneticileri, iş analiği birim yöneticileri vb.

Etkinliğe katılmak için herhangi bir ücret ödenmesi gerekiyor mu?

Oracle Bankacılık Zirvesi 2017 ücretsizdir.

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